Thursday, 3 April 2014


Well is been a few months now since I started Cloudpunchers Worldwide. We now have around 500 members, some other Facebook groups are all bothered about the numbers they have, some military groups, I'm a member of have Tens of Thousands of members, but this in itself poses problems, with your usual spam and Walter Mitties (People pretending they have been in the military), then you have your usual Political and Religious garbage that just fuels discontent, plus the ever growing trend to have daily pornography. Its ok if your into that thing but I don’t believe it has any place on my group and that’s how its staying. I am confident that the vast majority in the group have a link with Air Defence. At the moment there is a very small membership from the US, as it’s a Worldwide group I would obviously like more International members. So if your reading this and have a link to Air Defence, you don’t have to have been an operator, you may have been Signals, Driver, Medic, Chef, or something else, whatever you are more than welcome, Remember Air Defenders do it at Altitude.  Join the group    HERE