Saturday, 19 April 2014

After a bloody battle a Royal Marine found an enemy camera.

It was a long, hard and often terrifying battle fought in the bitter cold of a midwinter’s night in the South Atlantic. Decades have since passed, but Nick Taylor remembers every detail of the assault on the mountain peaks of the Two Sisters: the snow, the shouting, the rock-strewn ascent through the darkness, the red tracer bullets and exploding mortars launched by the Argentinian troops entrenched on the mountain above. Bayonets were fixed as Nick and his fellow Marines inched up the bleak incline towards the enemy machine guns. Their brave capture of the twin summits in June 1982, was a small moment in history – a strategic victory that opened the way for the liberation of Stanley two days later, and the Falkland Islands themselves. But for Nick there is a deeper, more personal significance to the terrible events of that night, which is why, 30 years on, he is to be found back on the same slopes, the same Falklands wind beating his face as he embraces a middle-aged lawyer from Buenos Aires. Read more HERE