Sunday, 9 March 2014

Yes Argentina, we do have nuclear submarines.

UK Naval Ensign White

Argentina has stepped up its sabre-rattling rhetoric over the Falkland Islands by accusing Britain of sending nuclear missiles to the South Atlantic.The South American country's foreign minister claimed that Trident nuclear missiles were being carried on board a submarine deployed to the region by the Royal Navy.
It comes as tensions continue to rise over the islands, which are claimed by the Argentinians as their territory.
The allegation was immediately rebuffed by a senior British diplomat, who also described claims by the Argentinians that military bases on the island could be used to launch attacks on South America as "absurd".
Hector Timerman, the Argentinian foreign minister, accused the British of sending the nuclear submarine into a nuclear-free zone and lodged a formal protest at the United Nations.He said Britain was "militarising the region" after the Royal Navy sent one of its most advanced warship to the islands, and as Prince William enters the second week of his six-week tour of duty there as an RAF search and rescue pilot Read More   HERE

Yes Argentina, we do have nuclear submarines, we even have conventional ones, you don’t like our submarines do you? Remember the Belgrano? Your navy is rotting and sinking away in your dockyards, your Country is broke, you even owe us millions. But rather than pay your debts you would rather make idol threats. So unless you want the Royal Navy to change Buenos Aires into a car park, you would be advised to wind your necks in. Don’t worry you would be able to build some slums again in a thousand or so years.