Friday, 10 January 2014

Pentagon Boosts Ability to Rescue Men Overboard or Behind Enemy Lines

United States of America

For those wearing U.S. military uniform, there are few things worse than falling off a warship, unless it’s becoming stranded behind enemy lines on a battlefield. Both are scary, potentially fatal events — and something the Pentagon is trying to fix. The Defense Department announced a pair of contracts Thursday aimed at helping to rescue such lost souls. The Navy is buying what it calls “Man Overboard Indicators”— miniature radios, basically — that transmit a water-activated alarm when a sailor falls off a ship. The objective of the program “is to outfit each ship with a system capable of alerting the crew to a man-overboard event, so that a lifesaving rescue can be effected,” the service says. The latest $8 million contract to BriarTek Inc. is to support the systems while at sea. Read more HERE