Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Workshop, 12 Air Defence Regiment, Napier Barracks, Dortmund

1989: 12 Air Defence Regiment was equipped with the Rapier missile system. It consisted of both Towed Rapier and Tracked Rapier (on a launcher vehicle). The equipment was maintained by a Workshop manned by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Between the Mechanical and Technical buildings of the Main Repair Group, a Foden lifts a power pack into a launcher vehicle, steadied by two men standing on a support vehicle. Staff Sergeant ‘Spud’ Edwards is pointing (in the central group). WO2 (Workshop Sergeant-Major) Paul Danks, wearing his peaked cap, can be seen near the doorway of the Tech building (on the right). Nearby, two electricians are working on a launcher. At left, a Craftsman works at a run-up test stand in the Mech building. For a short time, 12 Regiment RA adopted a square patch of red cloth behind the cap badge worn on the beret. Shortly afterwards the Army Dress Committee ordered its removal. Read More HERE

I remember the red patch, I think it was the RSM at the time who wanted to make sure he could distinguish Regt when they were in town eating `brattties` in a Artillery Garrison , stupid idea who the hell gave him the right to change a Regimental cap badge? well obviously nobody.