Monday, 14 October 2013

Dont randomly add me to your Blog side bar

There are may things about Blogging that can wind you up, the same can be said for Social media in general , that’s why I tend to stay away from left leaning `Hater` pages, I only wish they would stay with their own ilk and refrain from reporting everything they find `offensive` which is usually something far from offensive and more patriotic which is what the haters really find offensive. One thing I have wondered today is why some Bloggers add your site to their side bar without really having much knowledge of what your Blog stands for. Today I was having a quick look on a Blogging site that is linked to mine and I came across some comments attacking British sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, under the headlines `Hating Britain`, (See Below)

  If this refers to the Falklands war then I too believe we have no business occupying the Falklands. I see it as a provocative posture to the Argentinians. The world more than ever needs reconciliation rather than conflict. Thatcher's aggressive attitude did much to encourage many of us to 'hate' Britain. Increasingly I find the media as stirring up trouble and exaggerating 'the facts' rather than providing helpful information. This is why I do this blog - so as to provide a platform for those that find that the attitudes of the Evening Mail, the Westmorland Gazette, the BBC both radio and television etc as unacceptable much of the time which is why I rarely read/listen to them. I have enough 'news' going on immediately around me in the people I meet on a day to day basis. People like The Mail that write such stuff are scum.

As a soldier who fought in the Falklands I obviously have strong views about the War and unlike the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the Falklands was a `just` War defending British citizens from a Fascist invader. I could go on all day about why we did the right thing in 1982, but I just want to make the point about checking who is linked to you and what it is they are about? I have asked Geoff Dellow  to remove the link to my Blog. Why an obvious left wing tree hugging liberal would want me linked with them is beyond me, but then again they say that Socialism is actually a mental illness.