Sunday, 6 October 2013

Argentina buys 16 Mirage F 1 from Spain; half have air-refuelling capacity

“The Argentine Air Force anticipates the incorporation of the Mirage F-1, which will replace the Mirage III in process of decommissioning” reads page 115 of the budget bill. The revelation is not new, Defence minister Agustin Rossi had announced in August that “we are working with the government of Spain” on the possible purchase of aircraft but did not provide further details.
After 22 years in service, the Mirages were decommissioned by the Spanish Air Force at the airbase of Los Llanos in Albacete during a ceremony last June. They had been refurbished in the nineties with improved avionics and firing capacity.
Apparently the Mirage F-1 has a last generation laser inertial system which ensures autonomous navigation of great precision with a GPS and a computer that optimizes besides navigation, the targeting system.Read more   HERE  

How are Argentina going to pay for these second hand jets? Corned Beef, anyhow it will be even easier for our RAF and ground air defences to shoot them down, if they can afford to fill them up with fuel?