Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ever heard the Great Argentine myth.

Falkland Islands

Ever heard the Great Argentine myth that Britain expelled a whole Argentine population from the Falklands in 1833?

It is something that a lot of Argentines have been risen with and so many think it is true, but actually... it's not.

What actually happened was an Argentine military garrison was told to leave but the civilian residents were actually encouraged to stay.

Only 5 civilian settlers chose to return to what is now present day Argentina. In 1833 Argentina was 1,000 miles from the Falklands, now because of territory gains like with Patagonia, it is 320 miles away.

And this was not an illegitimate act by the British because when HMS Clio arrived in 1833 it was to reassert British sovereignty over the islands that was first declared in 1765 and had later been solidified in the 1771 Anglo-Spanish agreement. Argentina had attempted to illegitimately annex the islands.

So the Argentine claim that Britain expelled the Argentine population from the Falklands in 1833 is false.