Saturday, 14 September 2013

Argentina is disgraceful and should be kicked out of the G20'

ARGENTINA should be thrown out of the prestigious G20 for harbouring drug dealers and lying about its economy to avoid paying debts, an Conservative MP has claimed.Henry Smith, who last week called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "t*****" on Twitter, labelled Argentina's leader Cristina Kirchner as "disgraceful" for how she has treated residents of the Falkland Island.

During his Commons rant, Mr Smith also claimed Ms Kirchner stopped an Argentinian investigator testifying to the US Congress about the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association in order to protect a growing alliance with Iran.

Mr Smith told the Commons: "Argentina has expropriated the property of European companies, provides a safe haven for drug dealers bringing methamphetamine to Europe, is developing a strategic relationship with Iran, it deliberately falsifies its economic statistics, it refuses to abide by international court judgments and refuses to pay its debts to other nations and institutions and even refuses to honour the most basic laws of contracts."

Mr Smith said the country's failure to pay back international loans could set a bad example for current financially-stricken eurozone nations.

He said: "Argentina's refusal to repay its debt obligations, even though it has billions of dollars in reserve, sets a terrible precedent for other nations such as Greece which may be tempted to follow this path of irresponsibility."

Mr Smith called on the Government to take a tough position on Argentina's G20 membership, just as it did with the Falkland Islands. Read More  HERE  

"Henry Smith is probably a pompous Tory snob , but he is right about Argentina."