Friday, 23 August 2013

Post-traumatic stress and the military - take our survey

More than a quarter of military veterans end up needing help for a mental health disorder. Channel 4 News is trying to find out why - could you help by taking part in an anonymous survey?

Post-traumatic stress and the military - take our survey
There are around 4.5 million veterans in the UK, and a further 20,000 personnel leave the forces each year.

An estimated 27 per cent of veterans have reported mental health disorders, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The largest mental health treatment centre for veterans  in the UK says that 69 per cent of the veterans they have worked with have had some form of alcohol or drug dependence and abuse.Studio 9 Films and Channel 4 News want to find out more about the connection between PTSD and self-medication with alcohol and other substances, and the treatment that is available to tackle these conditions. We want to hear from veterans in the UK who have been diagnosed with PTSD.
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I took the survey anonymously , I was disappointed that they didn't even mention the Falklands War.