Saturday, 24 August 2013

Falklands’ oil companies banned 20 years from operating in Argentina by Cristina Fernandez

Falkland Islands

Four London AIM listed oil companies carrying out exploration work in Falkland Islands waters have been barred from operating in Argentina. The measure affects Borders & Southern Petroleum, Desire Petroleum, Argos Resources and Falkland Oil and Gas.All four are prohibited from working in Argentina for 20 years due to their unauthorized and clandestine exploration activity “in areas near the Malvinas Islands” the Argentine government said in a statement posted Friday on its Web site.The decision which includes four resolutions (456/2013; 457/2013/ 458/2013 and 459/2013 from the Energy Secretary) states the four companies violated Argentine law governing oil exploration and production by carrying out activities in that offshore sector without the government's permission.
Argentine authorities said the oil firms were operating under an “illegitimate license to explore for oil and gas in areas near the Malvinas that was granted by the illegitimate government that controls those Islands.” Read More HERE

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