Monday, 29 July 2013


I haven’t had my car or wallet or mobile phone stolen, but I was robbed. When I was diagnosed with PTSD I found that writing poetry helped me channel my emotions into words. I am a member of several military pages on Facebook and saw one of my poems, at first I thought that’s great as I don’t have any problem with people posting my work as long as it is made clear that I was the author of the work. The poster of my work was he says an ex Royal Marine, it was obvious from the comments that everyone thought he wrote the poem and he well revelling in the good comments. I put my own comments and left it in no doubt that I was the author. I posted a link to my poetry  HERE   and a link to my work in a Falklands War book of poetry HERE  He didn’t apologise directly to me and just said if was “An oversite” and he was no expert in copywrite . I told him that you don’t need to be an expert in copywrite you just need to leave the authors name on the work when you cut & paste. Its hard to explain unless you are a poet or writer that I felt I had my heart and soul stolen, its like Walter mitties wearing medals that don’t belong to them, to some they just laugh about it to us veterans it’s a personal insult and we take it very seriously. Im sure there will be more of my work out there somewhere on the WWW but on this occasion this thief was busted.

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