Saturday, 20 July 2013

Drama at sea to film sinking of HMS Coventry

UK Naval Ensign White

Coventry's sister ship HMS Edinburgh used for filming of ship going down for new Falklands War film Destroyer
Dramatic scenes have been filmed of the last Type 42 destroyer at sea as part of a movie charting the sinking of HMS Coventry.Producers working on the film Destroyer filmed Coventry’s sister ship HMS Edinburgh cutting through the water and performing tight turns.Edinburgh will be used as a substitute for Coventry and although both ships look near identical, the footage will be digitally-altered to iron out any differences, such as the pennant number and the position of aerials and other equipment.Destroyer tells the story of HMS Coventry and its 300 crew in the weeks leading up to her sinking in the Falklands War in 1982. Read More  HERE 

"R.I.P All those brave sailors that lost their lives at sea in the Falklands War."