Monday, 3 June 2013

British Government set to give overseas aid to the Taliban.

 Where you shocked by my Blog headline? seems crazy doesn't it, well they are not funding the Taliban yet at least not directly, the UK does its bit for the Jihad in Afghanistan by sending hundreds of UK borne Jihadists to the Country to fight British and ISAF troops.Sadly the UK is the hub of terrorist activity due to its non existent border controls and its huge Foreign ghettos, which could easily be mistaken for a middle eastern Country.Now we have the crackpot William Hague who wants to arm the Syrian Rebels ,  funny how he calls them rebels and freedom fighters, when they are the same type of Islamist killers like Al Queada. Oh yeah and just to round it off the British tax payers money is going to pay the families of Suicide Bombers  Maybe they should fund the IRA as well? Oh I forgot they got that bunch to run Northern Ireland.