Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blue Beach military cemetery San Carlos Falkland Islands

Tony McNally at Blue Beach cemetary San Carlos

Blue Beach Military Cemetery at San Carlos is a British war cemetery in the Falkland Islands holding the remains of 14 of the 260 British casualties killed during Falklands War in 1982. It is situated close to where 3 Commando Brigade had its initial headquarters after landing on 21 May 1982. Up until 1982 all British serviceman killed in action were buried and commemorated as close to the place of death as possible and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission managed these graves. After the Falklands War, one family requested the repatriation of their fallen son's body, and following this, other families requested the same; [2] as a result, this offer was extended to all relatives. On 16 November 1982 64 of the dead, (52 soldiers, 11 Royal Marines, and one laundryman from Hong Kong) were returned to Britain aboard the landing ship Sir Bedivere. The families of 16 of the dead kept with tradition and preferred their sons' remains should stay in the islands. Fourteen are buried at Port San Carlos [3] with two more at isolated single grave sites at Goose Green and Port Howard.

 Blue Beach Military Cemetary