Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wednesdays Fire Mission

Suicide bomber kills 3 American troops in Afghanistan This and Ieds I are the only way they can kill our troops, true warriors face each other man to man on the battlefield. RIP.

An honour for hero A fitting tribute to Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park , a true British Hero.

MP Fabricant braves the public at Lichfield Bower Festival Desperate to save his job if you ask me?

Widower pledges to fight council's bill If only some of today’s Royal Navy sailors had the fighting spirit of Roland Carter, good luck to you Sir!

Commentary: Our troops deserve better care Amen to that.

Sarkozy opens military base in Gulf Viva la France!

X-Wall Files USB Drive Keeps Hackers Out The BNP could do with this after yesterdays cyber attack by the Socialists.

Obits in Brief: Lieutenant-General Sir Martin Garrod RIP

Hindus Call For Lumley Honour
An honour is warranted.

This insult to the Queen - the only living head of state who actually served in the war
Hollywood has always distorted the truth.

Birmingham soldier to run D-Day 'ultra marathon' in Normandy
Hat tip to Rifleman Daniel Hill.

Donor's £1.5m for military museum Massive hat tip who ever you are.

Russia ready to build first LNG carrier There should be plenty of work going in Russia for Russians!

North Korea Test-Fires New Short-Range Missile, Yonhap Says
Just let them get on with it and when they have fired them all they will get back to eating dogs for lunch if there is any left?

Swedish navy stops ship attack in Gulf of Aden Well done Sweden, I wish the Royal Navy would pull its weight.

Pentagon: Some released Guantanamo detainees return to terrorism No shit Sherlock, the headline should be some aren’t

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

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