Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thursdays Fire Mission

Businessman's shock as MoD sends him submarine secrets in TWELVE boxes of restricted files
The MOD are unfit for purpose this once again as it seems on a daily basis proves this, anyone would think that they do this deliberately they are so inept.

IRAN TESTS MISSILE IN ISRAEL RANGE Iran may test all they like but they would never be so stupid to actually fire a missile at Israel.

British Apache helicopter test pilot wins place as an ESA Astronaut Massive respect to Apache helicopter test pilot Timothy Peake.

British Regiment Bids Farewell to Goat Mascot Enjoy your retirement William Windsor, if you fancy a come back you could always have a go at being the PM.

Army mascot bull terrier retires Lets hope Watchman IV and Billy don’t get together.

Testing waters ahead A good article from the FT.

Brown indicates shift on Gurkhas More like Brown indicates sh** on Gurkhas

Gurkhas in battle of wounded trees The Gurkhas have been loyal servants to this Country and to call them Mercenaries is disrespectful, as the same could be said for any young person who finds himself unemployed joining up to fight.

This conflict can be resolved All conflicts can be resolved , sadly its usually achieved through violence,

Flight Lieutenant 'Witt' Wittridge RIP.

Heroes of D-Day Landings saluted I also salute you.

Gamers Could Defend Naval Fleets Gun of the day

Devils falling in to help charity Hat tip to the Red Devils.

US Army Allegedly Burned Bibles So As Not To Proselytize What and no Christians running around torching Embassies?

Navy sails into New York Fleet Week Impressive , it must be nice to have a Navy.

A military victory You cant argue with that.

Army’s body-armor testing spurs debate Its no good waiting until its on the soldiers body before its tested in combat.

Australia boosts training for Pakistan military Hat tip Australia.

Robot Soldiers Are Already Being Deployed We have a robot PM.

Navy grant to fund probe of squid and octopus camouflage Cool Cam.

The Future of Asymmetric Warfare Good article.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

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