Monday, 9 March 2009

Mondays Fire Mission

Military Babe Of The Day

RAF Pilot Foils Assassination Bid
Flight lieutenant Alexander Duncan is the epitome of the reason why we award Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) I salute you Sir.

Army Unit Played Role In Menezes Killing The way the Guardian newspaper and its far left editors are portraying the Special Reconnaissance Regiment who would think they were talking about Hitler’s Waffen SS.

Married Colonel Faces Boot Married Simon Diggins wont be the last man to be brought down because of his wayward dick.

For Love or money? Laura Robson, 26, from Inverness sound like a gold digger to me?

NI soldiers 'bound for Afghanistan'
My thoughts are with the dead soldiers families and colleagues, RIP.

Soldiers march through city
I don’t think we will se the likes of this for a while in Northern Ireland after the latest terrorist atrocity.

Ross Kemp In Afghanistan Piss Take, for those British readers who know him will think this is funny, I do!

4,000 British troops to leave Iraq by September Last week I would have said they would be going from Iraq to Afghanistan , now it could be a little closer to home!

Classic Nam helmet above with obligatory slogans.

Critically Wounded Soldier-Groom Returns to Army for a Day
G -D Bless you Aharon Karov.

'Madagascar troops begin mutiny' I wonder of the food was lousy in the cookhouse?

Asbestos and the U.S. Navy worryingly this is a growing problem around the worlds navies that’s why I have posted in my side bar of this Blog.

March towards Socialism. America is now getting a taste of Socialism God help them!

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

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