Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursdays Fire Mission

Maintaining Weapons in Afghanistan Keep up the good work Sgt Marcus Smith. Without your skill the army would not function correctly.

Airborne troops strike at Taliban's drug industry
Royal Marines 1 Taliban 0 , nice work!

Huge Navy Task Force sets sail
That’s pretty much the whole of the Royal Navy then?

HMS Bulwark & Red Devils at Dover

France sends troops to Guadeloupe I have visited Guadeloupe when I went on a cruise and I hated it, the people were very unfriendly and there was always an air of danger, would not recommend anyone going to this place.

Obama sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan Does this make him a Dove or a Hawk?

Britain 'has no plans' to deploy more soldiers to Afghanistan The British army is tiny in comparison with the US, but they are good soldiers and very professional. I feel our strength will remain the same for a few years, until we come home from Iraq then I feel are commitment will grow further in Afghanistan and will depend on a Conservative Government.

NATO 'pride' at stake in Afghanistan: US lawmaker
Many European Armies don’t understand the word Pride!

Troops may stay in Afghanistan for years
No S*** Sherlock!!!

All on board crashed helicopter off Scotland safe: air force
This is fantastic news.

Children's hospice presented with cheque for £8,000 Well done to 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery.

Social club hit by arson attack Lets hope they catch the scum that did this, it’s a pity they never burnt to death themselves.

The heroes of Operation Jericho
Operation Jericho was a daring mission and shows the metal of the men who took part.You can watch the Raf in WW2 below.

MPs fight for Sussex jobless troops Some of the jobless TA lads might be better off joining up full time?

The P-47 was a formidable fighting machine. Listen to the sound of her engines, a wonderful noise.

MoD documents go missing on train
Can you imagine of this bunch of buffoons were around during WW2, we would have definitely lost the War.

British WW1 soldiers to be exhumed from mass graves in France and given individual burials
This has got to be better than having a car park built over your remains. We can now pay or respects in a dignified way to these great Heroes, RIP at last.

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