Friday, 14 August 2015

Save Dons house so this Vietnam veteran he doesn’t lose it.

Hello, My name is Don Brassfield a 70 yr old widow. A Viet Nam veteran 65-67 Army. I am a Christian and Pro
Israel.  I was born and raised in Harlan Kentucky in a coal mining camp. Dad worked in a coal mines while my Mom would sell Avon in the camp. Graduated from Harlan High School 1963, went to University of Kentucky Southeast Center, dropped out to make  money for self and family. 1965 and was drafted into the Army. 1968 went to Lexington Kentucky and worked as a OR technican while going to college. Graduated in 1972 with BS.  2005 had to quit work due to many surgeries. three lower back sx with plate and screws, Neck Sx with plate and screws. Open Heart sx 4 by pass. Two surgeries had infections. Last sx 2013 back sx almost died.Now all funds have been depleted. Now  Social Security for me and
my dog. I eat toast in am, and beans and cornbread, daily for 2 months straight. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advanced.


Don Brassfield

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