Friday, 13 June 2014


This paper contains an analysis of submarine operations during the Falklands War. This was done to
provide some insight on the importance of submarines in this conflict and to show the usefulness of
submarines in any maritime conflict The submarine operations by both belligerents are looked at and
compared over the duration of the conflict This is an unclassified study that was researched using
published books, magazine articles, unpublished papers, unclassified government documents and
interviews with officers involved in the conflict Reports done at a classified level were not used in the
preparation of this paper. The submarine operations and methods of employment examined show the
strength of submarines when properly used and the weakness when training is lacking or the
submarine is used in the wrong manner. Also highlighted is the difficulty of antisubmarine efforts in a
high ambient noise, shallow water environment Submarines can be a force multiplier to any navy
when used properly and can frustrate an opponent by their presence or even their perceived presence.
However, to get the full use of submarines they must be integrated fully into the military forces. With
just a few boats in a navy, the submarines are wasted if they are operated independently. They must
be fed intelligence or be intelligence platforms themselves to fully realize their potential. This point was
not adhered to fully and thus submarines did not make the impact expected during the Falklands War. Read more HERE