Sunday, 26 January 2014

Battalion makes emotional return to scene of Falklands bombing

Welsh Guards' Number Two Company deployed in Falklands for first time since 32 soldiers from the battalion were killed in bombing of troop carrier Soldiers returning to the scene of one of their battalion’s deadliest engagements in the Falklands paid an emotional tribute to their fallen comrades. The 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, currently based at Hounslow Cavalry Barracks, suffered some of the biggest losses in the Falklands War in 1982. On June 8 that year, 32 Welsh Guards were among the 48 troops killed when an Argentinian jet bombed the British warship Sir Galahad off the coast of the islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. It was the Army’s highest death toll in a single incident since the Second World War, and the ship’s hulk, which rests on the sea floor 10 miles off the islands’ east coast, is an official war grave.Read more HERE  R.I.P.