Sunday 7 June 2009

Sundays Fire Mission

Bob Ainsworth: The New Defence Secretary When you think things couldn’t get worse this joker gets the defence secretary job. Watch the video below and see what Ainsworth thinks of British troops and kit shortages?

Love Is a Battlefield: For Some Soldiers, There's No Place Like Combat I’ve been told by ex combat soldiers that combat is better than any sex or recreational drugs they may have taken. The problem is when the fighting is over permanently the hang over lasts for the rest of your life.

War experiences bridge six decades for soldiers A very moving story.

RAF chief predicts controversial takeover of Royal Naval air power There is another way to cut out all the bickering and run the Armed Forces like the Israelis (IDF) and call it the BDF (British Defence Force) ?

Pakistan Army to stay in Swat indefinitely, says ISPR
The Pakistan Army needs to our like a sponge under a dripping tap it will fill up again with the Taliban.

History shows torture doesn't deter terrorism No but it may save innocent lives.

Tributes to ‘outstanding’ Marine

He saw them charge to their deaths... A Tory MP uncovers the story (and bullet-holed coat) of a true hero of the Crimea What an incredible tale of British Heroism.

Army head Richard Dannatt snubs Barack Obama to salute Pegasus veterans You made the right choice General.

Churchill Mk III AVRE from AFV Club... If your bored you could try making this tank.

Wing Commander John Turner is a great pilot. Id love the one in the below video.

Harriers ready to take off from Kandahar It will be a sad day when the Harriers go.

'Gung-ho' SAS are banned from RAF helicopters The SAS are not Gung Ho, this denotes recklessness, they just push themselves as human beings to the limit.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

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