Monday, 29 April 2013

US Army Rejects Tanks, Congress Insists

Built to dominate the enemy in combat, the Army's hulking Abrams tank is proving equally hard to beat in a budget battle.

Lawmakers from both parties have devoted nearly half a billion dollars in taxpayer money over the past two years to build improved versions of the 70-ton Abrams.

But senior Army officials have said repeatedly, "No thanks."

It's the inverse of the federal budget world these days, in which automatic spending cuts are leaving sought-after pet programs struggling or unpaid altogether. Republicans and Democrats for years have fought so bitterly that lawmaking in Washington ground to a near-halt, reports The Associated Press.

Yet in the case of the Abrams tank, there's a bipartisan push to spend an extra $436 million on a weapon the experts explicitly say is not needed.

"If we had our choice, we would use that money in a different way," Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army's chief of staff, told The Associated Press this past week.

Why are the tank dollars still flowing? Politics.

Keeping the Abrams production line rolling protects businesses and good paying jobs in congressional districts where the tank's many suppliers are located.  Read More HERE

This is amazing, government wanting to build more tanks but the military saying `no thanks`, its the complete opposite of what is happening in the UK, we see cuts cuts cuts, with some so called experts even doubting whether tanks are necessary in modern Warfare, I say ask the Iraqi Republican guard what they think of Abraham's and Challengers? Oh you cant they are all dead!